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Fjordsightseeing from Tromsø | Beautiful September Saturday

Arctic Queen was full with new friends from USA, Latvia, Norway, Brazil and Australia.

We cruised slowly south among Islands surrounded by mountains. When arrived to Håkøya the soup was ready, and guests had a nice lunch at the flybridge and in the Saloon. We even saw sea eagles a couple of times. Before heading back to Tromsø tried some fishing, and got 3 Cods within 10 min. Thank you ladys and men for choosing Arctic Cruise In Norway

Arctic Queen | Cruising to Lofoten

Arctic Queen - short break on our dreamtour to beautiful Lofoten.

Photo: Jack Rowe

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Fjordcruise among ice block

Cant get enough. Another dream day at sea cruising from Tromsø. Wildlife like eagle, birds and seals. Nature nature, mountains, snow, sea, winter while cruising among ice blocks. And super happy guests 🙂

What a day!

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Northern lights cruising | Tromsø | Guests from Hong Kong

Fantastic Northern Lights cruise from Tromso Harbour

We started the cruise with our Arctic Queen this evening in a snowing weather, but as many times before, - when arriving out into the darkness the magic Aurora came up. And of course, guests super happy. Some pictures here

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Private FjordCruise Arctic Queen | Tromso

Super nice private fjordcruise Tromso with our brand new Yacht Arctic Queen.

What a day fantastic way to get new friends from France! Sun, flat sea, white mountains, Island, Ice at sea, birds, seals and magical scenery. We also visited the place where #Tirpitz are. We even did an extra cruise all the way to the beautiful Island Gåsvær. Wow wow :) Se more pictures here















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Fantastic fjordcruise from Tromsø

Perfect weather in Tromso, - wildlife experience on this fjordcruise

Sun, sun, and clear as far as you can see. We visited #Tirpitz are an talk about the history from world war 2. Further on we cruised to Eidskjosen arround a small Island. We sea a lot of seal, and even an eagle. While waited for a super good fishsoup, we also tried some fishing as well, - and the Frenck "team" won today. Chineese "team" was close ;)

See more pictures here






























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Private Cruise | Arctic Queen | Funny Guests from Hong Kong

Really nice family abord Arctic Queen 25.12.17

We Cruised outside Tromsø to nice area chasing whale. We did not see them thsi beautiful day, but we catch fish as normal;) and got a tasty lunch. Thanks to Moment Norway and Ida who arranged this tour.

More pictures here

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[videopress Ce18bhqe]

No whales today, But a nice Sightseeing and Fishing tour

Even not the best weather and no whales where we sailed, we still got a nice Cruise today.

We visited the beautiful Island Gåsvær where our guests walk arround on a nice beach and  between two small house, and a Church. Yes a Church.

I was making fishsoup with the catch form yesterday.  On our way back to Tromsø we also tried fishing. And, result :) More pic here