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Want To Know More About Watching Whales and Orca in Tromsø and Skjervøy, Norway?

The Best Humpack Whale Watching  and Orca safari Holidays in the Arctic area.

 Norway is a mysterious country known for its natural beauty, glorious history, and wonderful people. Norway has been consistently voted as one of the best countries for holidays. And not only that, but people have also chosen Norway as one of the best countries to live.

 Whale watching / Orca safari is one of the popular sports of Norwegians. In fact, you can compare whale watching to a jungle safari in Africa. However, whale watching is yet different and mesmerizing than a jungle safari. In many aspects, it is quite a different experience.

 Whale watching / Orca safari has been ranked as one of the top emerging activities in Norway, with a growing number of tourists opting for whaling as one of the compulsory activities on their itinerary.

 Tromso in Norway is the top location where people flock for whale watching and orca safari. Tromso also called as "the capital of the Arctic" is one of the coldest tourist locations in the world. While there are many other awesome benefits of having a trip to Tromso, whale watching / orca safari remains the central theme of the whole holiday plan to Tromso.

 Whale  and Orca safari Tromso is a wonderful experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Tour companies usually offer you a yacht or a small boat for the tour. The yacht/small boat is decently sized and has placed for nearly 8 people or a few more in certain cases. The whale watching event takes place during certain seasons when whales visit the shallow waters for feeding. However, there's nothing to worry about that since you will find whales there for most of the year. The whale and orca safari is a wholesome experience that remains with the tourists for the rest of their lives.

 Let's take a look at what encompasses the whale and orca  safari Tromso as a package.

 1. Whale watching / Orca Safar: And of course how could we forego this one? Whales and Orca have been an integral part of Norwegian history and landscape for times immemorial. Whale and Orca watching is the activity where the whale and orca watchers sail alongside the whales and Orca swimming in the shallow waters and observe them as they swim up and down the clear waters. This is a sight to behold as its a mesmerizing experience seeing the whales nd Orca swim across the clear waters smoothly and majestically. You may also feed the whales and Orca  some fish, but that largely depends on the service that is offering you the whale and orca safari. Some people may expect to whale or Orca as a part of the package but beware that we aren't getting into that territory as the goal does not include hunting whales or Orca. The main goal of these whale and Orca safaris is to adore and appreciate these giant beasts. During your whale and Orca safari, you may also get to see a calf here or there. It’s truly emotional to see a whale and Orca calf swim alongside its mother in the cold clear waters. You will be able to find a lot of positive reviews regarding whale or orca watching online. This is truly an awesome and unforgettable experience.

 2. Sailing: Sailing is said to be one of the most natural sports of Scandinavian nations. It's not even a sport here, but rather a casual activity. Sailing in itself is an experience and doesn't require any sort of complementary activity. Sailing requires training and expertise to be done correctly. Fortunately, you will be able to find many in Norway who will provide you with this service. Sailing is usually in tandem with whale and orca watching. As you sail, you will be admiring the whales or orcas from afar. However, just make sure that your sailing provider has got enough experience and positive review from his previous clients.

 3. Fishing: And how could we ever let go fishing the most important activity after whale or orca watching and sailing. If you are entering the high seas of Norway, you can expect fishing to be on the list. You will be able to catch various local Arctic fishes such as cod, mackerel, halibut, salmon and grayling. We assure you that fishing is going to be fun with all the angling and tricks that you will be used for catching the fish. After you are done catching the fish, it's grilling time. The experience of seasoning and grilling fresh fish is quite unique.

 Is That All About Whaling? Watching and Some Fishing?

 While these will be the main activities, Whale and Orca Watching Tromso is actually much more than that. It's an educational experience that enables you to appreciate nature and develop the sensitivity that is required to keep it serene and safe from human intervention and human-led destruction. Especially for children, it is going to be a wholesome experience to watch whales in their natural habitat live peacefully in tranquility, one with nature. And children do appreciate this. Many tourists who have taken the whale and orca safari in Tromso, have shared that their kids developed a newly seen sensitivity for nature and especially for animals.

What Aspect To Focus On During Your Whale Watching Experience.

 The problem with the whale and orca safari is that since there are a couple of complementary activities that are fun, there is always a possibility that they might take away the core message and effect of the activity, that is Whale and Orca watching and developing a sense of affection for nature. However, it is totally up to you as to how to manage your experiences with whaling. However, there is no need to worry since the main activity will always be etched in your mind and also that of your children.

 So comes the question, is it really worth spending a lot of money to watch whales and orca in Norwegian waters? The answer is an obvious and resounding yes. Although you will be shelling a lot of money for this trip, the experience will always stay with you for a lifetime and is going to stay with you for a long time. Therefore, we suggest that you should take the Norwegian whaling experience at least once in your lifetime

Whalesafari |Tromsovisitors | Tromso | Arctic Queen | Guests from UK France and Moldove

What a whalewatching day - What a Sightseeing - Magic experience and super happy guests.

Even a big eagle visiting us. Amzing nature, amazing mountains and fjords - and the :) Guests so happy that they wanted to go for antoher tour :)  More prictures here

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#Orcasafari | #PrincessEmi |#Tromso | Guests from Switzerland Spain

Hundreds of tourists wanted to experience the fantastic nature, and wild animals together with friends, families or even a wedding celebration.

Today we went out there with all our boats, Arctic Queen, Arctic Princess and Princess Emi, also our partner Pukka Travels sailed with us. All boats in the Tromsø was out there today.

More pictures here

#Orcasafari | #PrincessEmi |#Tromso | Guests from Switzerland Spain


#Orcasafari | #Arctic Queen | #Tromso | Guests from Switzerland Spain


#VIP Whalesafari and #Fishing | #Arctic Queen

Fantastic day at sea. Our #VIP guests was happy when arrived to Tromsø.

First we did a fishing activity, before heading up to see the whales. Today it was the Orca who played around Arctic Queen.  Before leaving us we made a lot of Cod filet to our Guests. They promised to get back. This is the second time some of them sailed with us.

Thank you very much.

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