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Magic moments together with Arctic Cruise in Norway, Tromsø.

From sea to plate - imagine experience the fantastic whales and orca, enjoying exiting fishing and later  a cozy dinner with your friends, while waiting for the magic northern lights.

Se more here - 4 days Luxury saling in the Arctic:)

We offer the newest Yachts in Tromso , and have super satisfied guests.

We bring you closer and give you more than a dream experience.

Daytours like fjordcruise, fishing, midnightsun, northern lights, whale safari.

VIP and private tours.

Customized tours to Lofoten or Hammerfest

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Kurt Arild Larsen
Northern Lights: The Magic that Lies on the North of Norway

Norway is well-known for its rich natural beauty. The north of the country is occupied by beautiful islands that worth the visit. The islands are filled with everlasting beauty. While winter offers travelers with beautiful snowy wonderlands, summer offers wildflowers, blissful beaches, and dazzling, slow-motion sunsets. But that’s not all of it, one thing that no traveler would ever want to miss on their visit to Northern Norway is the beautiful Northern lights. It is one of the most common reasons that make the place a must-visit place on everyone’s bucket list.

The Northern lights are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. At night when the sky gets dark, the lights, also called aurora borealis appears in the sky. The colour palette of blue, green, violet, and pink look as if they are dancing across the sky. This phenomenon is really magical and makes anyone falls in love with the view. The best way to feel the magical experience of the dancing lights is not by swiping through its images on Google, Instagram or Facebook, or watching videos about it on YouTube, but being actually there beneath the lights itself and witnessing how beautiful nature can be. There is only joy, love, and peace to feel beneath the auroras.

While there are several places where you can see the aurora borealis, Northern Light Tour in Tromso is definitely the most interesting and comfortable place to witness the lights for two reasons. First, because the place lies just beneath the auroral oval and the second because the north of Norway has a huge geographical area, that is filled with beautiful and exciting places. In Northern Norway, you will truly experience the magical lights all through the polar night.

The place has everything from stunning cities to cozy villages with enchanting mountains and serene lakes. This means, your journey to see the magical lights, is going to get a lot more fun. You can enjoy a little bit of hiking and experience the Sami culture along the way. Or sail on the beautiful sea on a Luxury Yacht Arctic Queen  or on A Luxury Catamaran Arctic Princes, or enjoy the ride on your search for Northern Lights on an Eco-friendly Tesla Model X electric car- a great way to experience the wilderness in the dark from Tromso city.

Is witnessing the magical northern lights on your bucket list? Then join the Arctic Cruise In Norway and experience the unbelievable Northern lights across the Arctic sky. Your best adventure awaits for you.

Ski & Sail - Super nice winter vacation for our skiing guest

Dreaming of the magic scenery, powdersnow, sailing, nice friends, - then its time to start planning :)

We still have some weeks available for next year 2020 Ski & Sail tour with Arctic Princess.
Watch this nice dream tour.

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Want To Know More About Watching Whales and Orca in Tromsø and Skjervøy, Norway?

The Best Humpack Whale Watching  and Orca safari Holidays in the Arctic area.

 Norway is a mysterious country known for its natural beauty, glorious history, and wonderful people. Norway has been consistently voted as one of the best countries for holidays. And not only that, but people have also chosen Norway as one of the best countries to live.

 Whale watching / Orca safari is one of the popular sports of Norwegians. In fact, you can compare whale watching to a jungle safari in Africa. However, whale watching is yet different and mesmerizing than a jungle safari. In many aspects, it is quite a different experience.

 Whale watching / Orca safari has been ranked as one of the top emerging activities in Norway, with a growing number of tourists opting for whaling as one of the compulsory activities on their itinerary.

 Tromso in Norway is the top location where people flock for whale watching and orca safari. Tromso also called as "the capital of the Arctic" is one of the coldest tourist locations in the world. While there are many other awesome benefits of having a trip to Tromso, whale watching / orca safari remains the central theme of the whole holiday plan to Tromso.

 Whale  and Orca safari Tromso is a wonderful experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Tour companies usually offer you a yacht or a small boat for the tour. The yacht/small boat is decently sized and has placed for nearly 8 people or a few more in certain cases. The whale watching event takes place during certain seasons when whales visit the shallow waters for feeding. However, there's nothing to worry about that since you will find whales there for most of the year. The whale and orca safari is a wholesome experience that remains with the tourists for the rest of their lives.

 Let's take a look at what encompasses the whale and orca  safari Tromso as a package.

 1. Whale watching / Orca Safar: And of course how could we forego this one? Whales and Orca have been an integral part of Norwegian history and landscape for times immemorial. Whale and Orca watching is the activity where the whale and orca watchers sail alongside the whales and Orca swimming in the shallow waters and observe them as they swim up and down the clear waters. This is a sight to behold as its a mesmerizing experience seeing the whales nd Orca swim across the clear waters smoothly and majestically. You may also feed the whales and Orca  some fish, but that largely depends on the service that is offering you the whale and orca safari. Some people may expect to whale or Orca as a part of the package but beware that we aren't getting into that territory as the goal does not include hunting whales or Orca. The main goal of these whale and Orca safaris is to adore and appreciate these giant beasts. During your whale and Orca safari, you may also get to see a calf here or there. It’s truly emotional to see a whale and Orca calf swim alongside its mother in the cold clear waters. You will be able to find a lot of positive reviews regarding whale or orca watching online. This is truly an awesome and unforgettable experience.

 2. Sailing: Sailing is said to be one of the most natural sports of Scandinavian nations. It's not even a sport here, but rather a casual activity. Sailing in itself is an experience and doesn't require any sort of complementary activity. Sailing requires training and expertise to be done correctly. Fortunately, you will be able to find many in Norway who will provide you with this service. Sailing is usually in tandem with whale and orca watching. As you sail, you will be admiring the whales or orcas from afar. However, just make sure that your sailing provider has got enough experience and positive review from his previous clients.

 3. Fishing: And how could we ever let go fishing the most important activity after whale or orca watching and sailing. If you are entering the high seas of Norway, you can expect fishing to be on the list. You will be able to catch various local Arctic fishes such as cod, mackerel, halibut, salmon and grayling. We assure you that fishing is going to be fun with all the angling and tricks that you will be used for catching the fish. After you are done catching the fish, it's grilling time. The experience of seasoning and grilling fresh fish is quite unique.

 Is That All About Whaling? Watching and Some Fishing?

 While these will be the main activities, Whale and Orca Watching Tromso is actually much more than that. It's an educational experience that enables you to appreciate nature and develop the sensitivity that is required to keep it serene and safe from human intervention and human-led destruction. Especially for children, it is going to be a wholesome experience to watch whales in their natural habitat live peacefully in tranquility, one with nature. And children do appreciate this. Many tourists who have taken the whale and orca safari in Tromso, have shared that their kids developed a newly seen sensitivity for nature and especially for animals.

What Aspect To Focus On During Your Whale Watching Experience.

 The problem with the whale and orca safari is that since there are a couple of complementary activities that are fun, there is always a possibility that they might take away the core message and effect of the activity, that is Whale and Orca watching and developing a sense of affection for nature. However, it is totally up to you as to how to manage your experiences with whaling. However, there is no need to worry since the main activity will always be etched in your mind and also that of your children.

 So comes the question, is it really worth spending a lot of money to watch whales and orca in Norwegian waters? The answer is an obvious and resounding yes. Although you will be shelling a lot of money for this trip, the experience will always stay with you for a lifetime and is going to stay with you for a long time. Therefore, we suggest that you should take the Norwegian whaling experience at least once in your lifetime

Vip cruising to loFoten

VIP cruising from Tromsø to Lofoten with our nice yacht Arctic Queen.

On this Private tour we visit beautiful Skrolsvik at fantastic Senja. We had a nvernight stay in Harstad city. 

We cruised into magic Trollfjord and had a morning swim there before heading to Kabelvåg and Svolvær.

Our guests from South Africa got a dreamtour 🙂


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A dream tour cruising from Tromsø to Lofoten via Beautiful Senja Island. We docked in fantastic Trollfjord and take a swim next morning before crusing to Svolvær. Our VIP guests from South Africa hot the best what we could offer on this cruiseline tour.
Fjordcruise from Tromsø City with Luxury Yacht Arctic Queen

A nice day July 25, with friends from Brazil, Sweden, and UK.

We sailed from Tromsø city, and durring this trip our guests wanted to try fishing as well.

Of course we stopped and after some seconds we got the first catch. Our lady from London UK, did it, - and we dont need to tell how happy she was. And she was happy do get 7-8 cods within 30 min.

We make a soup and enjoyed the “ best view in town” that day.

If you like to know more about #fjordcruise or #fishing tours from #romsø, just clich here:

Welcome to join us when visiting Tromsø.

All You Got To Know About Fishing And Frolicking With The Whales In Tromso, Norway

We are sure you must have heard of African safaris where the tourists are taken in Jeeps to the nearest Savanna forest and shown a pack of big cats and other animals in their natural habitats.

However, safaris can be arranged not only in Africa but even as far away as Norway? Whale safari as a tourist niche is catching up fast in Norway, with several thousands of tourists wanting to spend money to spend some time with the whales.

Tromso is a serene and beautiful Scandinavian fishing town located in Northern Norway. The town is famous for its Arctic Cathedral, Elk rides and the aurora lights seen during the winters, alongside the whale safaris.

What Exactly Does A Whale Safari Looks Like?

To rephrase the question, one can ask what exactly is done on a whale safari in Tromso? To begin with, boats are arranged for tourists for whale-watching. These boats then set sail for the local waters near Tromso. While enjoying the serene and timeless natural beauty of northern Scandinavia, you can witness one of the most magnificent species on Earth swim across the waters in packs and sometimes, displaying a varied range of behaviours. The whales might even interact with you through gestures like splashing their tails or making groaning like sounds. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to see the infamous orca whale also known as killer whale. A whale safari is typically packed with thrill and excitement.

Is The Whale Liveaboard Activity Safe?

Without a speck of doubt, it is. The whale live aboard activity is carried out by experienced professionals such as former sailors and fishermen who are well-acquainted with the local waters like the back of their hand. They know where to find the whales so that you can be sure that your time is not wasted looking at empty waters.

However, the most important point to note here is that the whales are not a belligerent species. Some people might have an impression that the whales may try to capsize the boat, but it's far from true. The animals usually mind their own business and try to go around in the waters in their way.

So That’s It? Is It That The Whale Watching In Tromso All About?

The whale watching in Tromso is a complete package of rich experiences that consist of more than merely watching the whales play and frolic in the local waters. The whale liveaboard tours come along with exciting fishing sessions too. There are several edible species of seawater fish along with coastlines of Tromso. Some of them are Mackerel, Haddock, Cod, Wolffish, European Flounder and Atlantic Halibut and much more.

These fish have their natural taste and are enjoyed as delicacies across Northern Europe. All you have to do is to tie the bait to the fishing hook, throw in the line and wait to get lucky. If you feel some weight down below the line, you have got yourself a catch. The best thing about whale watching in Tromso is that you can lay your hands on so many wonderful edible fishes that it’s nearly impossible that you won’t be catching any.

The day ends with roasting or barbecuing your catch in the boat’s kitchen and enjoying the delicacy. You can also try out the fishes that other members of your group have caught. You can say that you get to enjoy a mix of several types of Norwegian fishes.

Tromso, A Heaven For Nature Lovers.

While you are watching the whales dive up and down the waters and while you are fishing, you are going to get distracted. And it's not easy to get the full control of your site and focus on whale live boarding or catching fish. The natural beauty of the Norwegian Fjords is breathtaking and unforgettable. The snow-capped mountains set against a cloudy sky and the wilderness of the Fjords gives you a spectacular view of the Norwegian natural beauty. 

Take ample photographs of the Norwegian natural wealth to capture your experience to cherish those memories forever. We are sure, that you will love these natural sceneries so much that you might make up your mind to come back here after a few months or years. 

A Little About The Organizer Of The Whale Safaris

Kurt Arild Larsen is the man behind these wonderful whale safaris. Kurt's father was a fisherman and was very active in the sea. However, one day his unfortunate father lost his life while on work. Having been working in the IT sector, now he changed his line and went on to go for starting his own whale safari business.

Since then Kurt has been soaring high with thousands of tourists coming from all over the world. If you feel that the whale safaris are also meant for you, with no further ado, book your trip quickly.

Whale Safaris Get Booked Quite Fast.

With so much to offer, the whale safaris usually get booked very quickly especially orca safari is even more spectacular than humpback whales. People book these trips several months behind they take place. Earlier, international tourists were not very interested in going for whale trips. However, the scene has changed drastically and more and more people have begun visiting whale safaris and this has become quite a trend.

As a result whale safaris are filled out throughout the year. Especially during the winters, more people are already booked since this is the peak season. So if you want to have your own whale live aboard experience in Tromso, book it right now.

So what are the factors that have led to this popularization of whale safaris? Earlier, trips to tropical regions were more popular because of the perception that tropical places are exotic. However, as people have become more mature, the outlook has changed and they have begun exploring tourist destinations in the arctic and temperate regions.

We are sure you must have come to love whale safaris in Norway. Kurt is waiting for you to come to Norway and have a good time with whale safaris. So book your safari right now.


Niti Chauhan

We didn’t know that fishing could get much better. Taking a Fishing tour from Tromsø is an experience that you will never forget.

 Imagine yourself on an arctic cruise sailing through Norwegian seas.  As you stand on the bow and cast your rod out to the frigid waters, all your troubles will be forgotten.

 Those few hours spent on an arctic fishing tour will seem like a lifetime of adventure. Norwegian environmental policies make sure that the Fjords and Norwegian waters are very much alive and teaming with fish.

 Take advantage of your Norwegian guides secret spots that will bring you guaranteed success. The chance to enjoy the beautiful marine life and catch your own fish is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some. Take it to the next level by cleaning up the fish and eating your very own catch.

 Nothing feels better and more refreshing than consuming your fresh Norwegian fish caught with your own hands.

 We are just like you! We love to travel, we love adventure, and we love the open seas. Your Tromsø, Norway fishing tour will remind you of what it is you love about life.

 Being out on the water, in the midst of such a beautiful landscapes will transport you back to an ancient realm.

 When you’re out side of the city on the open water, time will appear to stop. There is nothing better than having the freedom to you be with your thoughts, on the open sea, with a cold beverage and good company.

 While you’re out, you might even get a chance to take a while safari Tromsø. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see Tromsø in a new light!

10 Good Reasons to Stay in Norway in the Spring

Spring time in Norway comes every March - May. This can be one of the best times to visit Norway and its majestic cities. Keep reading to discover why.

Norwegian Spring is when the weather permits you to explore and find adventure. In the spring, the daylight is the longest, so you have more hours of sunlight to discover your passions.

The possibilities are endless.

• Ski Touring: This is the first on the list because it’s everyone’s favorite. Spend all day skiing the slopes of the Lyngen Alps, Senja Island and mountains around Tromsø.

• Fjord Voyage: Set out to sea and enjoy the Fjords. With the sun setting later you will have a grand adventure.

• Fishing Trips: The fish in Norway are definitely biting in the spring. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch, and eat you own Norwegian catch onboard.

• Midnight sun: Experience this magic phenomena only in the Arctic Northern Norway from May 21 to July 21.

• Weekends on the Arctic: Explore more of the arctic over a whole weekend. Stay in an Arctic lodge and really get to know the locals without the threat of a snow storm.

• Cathedral Hopping: Norway is home to many cathedrals. Take the extra daylight to explore as many as you can in one or two days.

• Kon Tiki Museum: This Incredible destination showcases memorabilia from the famous voyage made by Thor Heyerdahl. Now that spring time gives you more daylight. You can spend even more time admiring the scientist and his accomplishments.

• Take a Train Journey: Norway’s 2000 miles of train tracks will take you around the country on a scenic adventure that you will never forget. See Norway in a new perspective that isn’t one dominated by snow and ice.

• Explore a Hurtigruten ferry ride: get to visit some of the lesser known places in Norway by taking a ferry ride. This can be a great way to do something unique.

• Travel safely along the Atlantic Ocean Road: This incredible 5 mile road will take you to fishing villages and ancient churches that you didn’t even know existed.

Fjordcruise | Arctic Princess | Tromsø

Realy nice fjordcruise siling from Tromsø. Sun, fjord, Island and nice mountains as a backstage, - cant be better :)


Happy guest

Nice and fun at Arctic Princess

Tesla X | Northernlights tour

Bot the best weather while started this Saturday evening in October, snowing and som clouds out there,

But we tried and after changing place we finally find Aurora, even it was a level 1 strength this evening.

Fjordsightseeing from Tromsø | Beautiful September Saturday

Arctic Queen was full with new friends from USA, Latvia, Norway, Brazil and Australia.

We cruised slowly south among Islands surrounded by mountains. When arrived to Håkøya the soup was ready, and guests had a nice lunch at the flybridge and in the Saloon. We even saw sea eagles a couple of times. Before heading back to Tromsø tried some fishing, and got 3 Cods within 10 min. Thank you ladys and men for choosing Arctic Cruise In Norway

Tesla Fjordsightseeing | Sept 15 | Guests from Canada

Faaantastic september 15 on this nice #Fjordsigtseeing from Tromsø, with our Ecofriendly Tesla X electric car. We visited Kaldfjord, Ersfjord, Grøtfjord, Tromvika and all the way out the end of the road Rekvika.

Our guests from Canada enjoyed this day.

Arctic Queen | Cruising to Lofoten

Arctic Queen - short break on our dreamtour to beautiful Lofoten.

Photo: Jack Rowe

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