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Tesla X | Northernlights tour

Bot the best weather while started this Saturday evening in October, snowing and som clouds out there,

But we tried and after changing place we finally find Aurora, even it was a level 1 strength this evening.

Tesla Fjordsightseeing | Sept 15 | Guests from Canada

Faaantastic september 15 on this nice #Fjordsigtseeing from Tromsø, with our Ecofriendly Tesla X electric car. We visited Kaldfjord, Ersfjord, Grøtfjord, Tromvika and all the way out the end of the road Rekvika.

Our guests from Canada enjoyed this day.

Fjordcruise among ice block

Cant get enough. Another dream day at sea cruising from Tromsø. Wildlife like eagle, birds and seals. Nature nature, mountains, snow, sea, winter while cruising among ice blocks. And super happy guests 🙂

What a day!

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Northern lights cruising | Tromsø | Guests from Hong Kong

Fantastic Northern Lights cruise from Tromso Harbour

We started the cruise with our Arctic Queen this evening in a snowing weather, but as many times before, - when arriving out into the darkness the magic Aurora came up. And of course, guests super happy. Some pictures here

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Fishing tour from Tromso | Guests from The Netherlands

Great day at sea on this Fishing tour from Tromso.

Our new friends from Netherlands was super happy. They like the view, our cozy catamaran Arctic Princess and of course the fishing activity. But, best of all their selfcaught fish for lunch on our Sailing back to Tromsø. See more pictures in our photo album here

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