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Tesla Fjordsightseeing | Sept 15 | Guests from Canada

Faaantastic september 15 on this nice #Fjordsigtseeing from Tromsø, with our Ecofriendly Tesla X electric car. We visited Kaldfjord, Ersfjord, Grøtfjord, Tromvika and all the way out the end of the road Rekvika.

Our guests from Canada enjoyed this day.

About Arctic Cruise In Norway | Arctic Princess

We offer high quality Vacation experiences in Northern Norway |Tromsø | Lyngen | Karlsøy | Senja

Discover Northern Lights |Aurora Borealis during winter |Midnight Sun in the summer.

Arctic Cruise In Norway AS (ACINORWAY) is a charter company based in Tromsø and famous Lyngen, in beautiful Northern Norway. ACINORWAY offers unique experiences in the Arctic. Our new (2014) floating hotel Arctic Princess, a Lagoon 450 sail/motor catamaran brings you to spectacular areas in Northern Norway. Our comfortable Arctic Princess with four cabins, two panoramic lounges, flybrigde and daybed provides clients a good and quiet atmosphere as we cruise among the fjords and mountains.

Arctic Princess - Risøy Journey

Vacation | Fishing | Explore and Experience Spectacular Nature | Norway | Photo | Food | Relax

In summer you will experience the midnight sun and winter the magic aurora / Northern Lights. The large whales coming in to our area in the fall and gives immense experiences.

Coastal culture of northern Norway's untouched with large variations in the landscape, the big alps and white sand beaches. Wildlife is abundant, the great sea eagle we will experience up close.

We give our customers the opportunity to enjoy fishing your own catch. Fresh berries and fresh clear water can be enjoyed directly from nature.

Northern Norway is very popular tourist area. Population in the north are friendly and there is little or no crime. Tourists from around the world seen everywhere, both in summer and winter.

Some products

  • Skiing by the boat
  • Northern Light Safari
  • Whale Safari
  • Midnight Sun Sailing
  • Photo Safari

Together with our partners we offer in addition various activities, snowmobiling, biking, skiing, guide, glacier hiking, snowshoeing, dog sledding and much more.

Our Goal:

We want to provide you with a unique and unforgettable experiences that last a lifetime.

We are flexible:

We offer full board or custom solutions according to your requirements. We offer short trips, such as 3 hour fishing trip, or multiple-day trips.

Location - how to come here:

Tromsø has main airport and the flight from Oslo takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Arctic Princess is only 15 minutes from the airport located in the central city of Tromsø.


Northern Norway

is one of the world’s most exciting destinations, writes the renowned magazine, Lonely Planet, which gradually has become a giant in tourism. Norway is described as “one of the top destinations for active tourists and adrenaline junkies, the midnight sun and northern lights in Tromsø highlighted as one of the major attractions”.  You will arrive Tromsø airport where your exciting journey will start.

See the famous church in blue winter


«The capital of the Arctic» is a lively and beautiful city. Tromsø is packed with culture and history and surrounded beautiful by mountains, glaciers, wildlife, fjords and islands. With it ́s spectacular nature its like a paradise in the North.

Lagoon 450 video

Lagoon 450

You will stay on our floating "hotel" a 45 feet Lagoon sailing/motor yacht. You will stay on the yacht, while traveling in exiting nature and elements such as sailing, fishing, kayaking, Nortrhern Lights/Aurora borealis, midnight sun, photography and more.

Using our Lagoon 450,  we will bring you to all the spectacular nature/ places in the area. On this spots we rent the services of already established tour operator experts like snowmobile activity's, dog sleights, ski guides, sami camps, helicopter lifts and more.  You will have a private extraordinary outstanding event in arctic nature in your lifetime.

Click on the picture to see your hotel in a video

Join Arctic Cruise In Norway AS and experience this amazing and unique nature and authenticity.

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We want you to join us on an unforgettable journey.

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