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Vip cruising to loFoten

VIP cruising from Tromsø to Lofoten with our nice yacht Arctic Queen.

On this Private tour we visit beautiful Skrolsvik at fantastic Senja. We had a nvernight stay in Harstad city. 

We cruised into magic Trollfjord and had a morning swim there before heading to Kabelvåg and Svolvær.

Our guests from South Africa got a dreamtour 🙂


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A dream tour cruising from Tromsø to Lofoten via Beautiful Senja Island. We docked in fantastic Trollfjord and take a swim next morning before crusing to Svolvær. Our VIP guests from South Africa hot the best what we could offer on this cruiseline tour.
Fjordcruise | Arctic Princess | Tromsø

Realy nice fjordcruise siling from Tromsø. Sun, fjord, Island and nice mountains as a backstage, - cant be better :)


Happy guest

Nice and fun at Arctic Princess

Fjordsightseeing from Tromsø | Beautiful September Saturday

Arctic Queen was full with new friends from USA, Latvia, Norway, Brazil and Australia.

We cruised slowly south among Islands surrounded by mountains. When arrived to Håkøya the soup was ready, and guests had a nice lunch at the flybridge and in the Saloon. We even saw sea eagles a couple of times. Before heading back to Tromsø tried some fishing, and got 3 Cods within 10 min. Thank you ladys and men for choosing Arctic Cruise In Norway

Tesla Fjordsightseeing | Sept 15 | Guests from Canada

Faaantastic september 15 on this nice #Fjordsigtseeing from Tromsø, with our Ecofriendly Tesla X electric car. We visited Kaldfjord, Ersfjord, Grøtfjord, Tromvika and all the way out the end of the road Rekvika.

Our guests from Canada enjoyed this day.