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Vip cruising to loFoten

VIP cruising from Tromsø to Lofoten with our nice yacht Arctic Queen.

On this Private tour we visit beautiful Skrolsvik at fantastic Senja. We had a nvernight stay in Harstad city. 

We cruised into magic Trollfjord and had a morning swim there before heading to Kabelvåg and Svolvær.

Our guests from South Africa got a dreamtour 🙂


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A dream tour cruising from Tromsø to Lofoten via Beautiful Senja Island. We docked in fantastic Trollfjord and take a swim next morning before crusing to Svolvær. Our VIP guests from South Africa hot the best what we could offer on this cruiseline tour.
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Best tour so far in 2017. Lofoten tour  July 2017.

We started from Tromsø July 7 and ended up in Henningsvær July 10, before heading back to Tromsø. See more pictures from a super fantistic tour here.

Skrolsvik Senja

Our first stop and overnight stay was at Skrolsvik at southpart of Senja. A realy small, quiet and cozy place. A nice walk arroud the harbour before cruising further.





































Next dag we stopped and enjoyed the super beautiful place Nyksund. Word cannot describe....



































On our way to Trollfjord we visited the small and fantastic place Skipnes.  Local fishsoup on the Quay and a shortwalk arround was amazing.
























What a magic #fjord. We stayed overnight and was blinded by the magic mountains arround. Even a small swimming in the fjord as well.



































Our end at this fantastic sailing was Henningsvær. Its a must to visit. Cant say anymore.