China has the Great Wall, France, Eifel tower, Sydney has the Opera House, New York has Statue of Liberty, Rio De Janeiro Chris the Redeemer and North Norway has the  Northern Lights.

Join us at Northern Lights Chase with Arctic Princess, Arctic Queen and enjoy the view. Experience the magical northern lights outside on our daybed or lounge terrace at Arctic Princess or our flybridge at Arctic Queen
We sail from Tromsø Center, Floating Jetty just minutes from the mainstreet.  While sailing / hunting, you can sit inside in our warm Panorama saloon while relaxing and looking at Tromsø Island from a Sea View.

Our Yachts are warm an comfortable, and a perfect place to be, while waiting for the magical Northern Lights.

For those who want to experience the magic lights from landside, our ecofriendly car Tesla Model X is a great alternative.

If you like to be even more active, why not join us on a Northern lights hiking in a very small group.