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#Orcasafari | #PrincessEmi |#Tromso | Guests from Switzerland Spain

Hundreds of tourists wanted to experience the fantastic nature, and wild animals together with friends, families or even a wedding celebration.

Today we went out there with all our boats, Arctic Queen, Arctic Princess and Princess Emi, also our partner Pukka Travels sailed with us. All boats in the Tromsø was out there today.

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#Orcasafari | #PrincessEmi |#Tromso | Guests from Switzerland Spain


#Orcasafari | #Arctic Queen | #Tromso | Guests from Switzerland Spain


#Whale watching from our cabincruiser Princess Emi.

Join us for an unforgettable whale watching aboard our cozy cabin cruiser.

Hot coffee / tea is always ready in our panorama lounge. We Cruiser in 20 knots, while enjoying the view fjords, mountains and birds. The captain let you be captain under supervision. Our external platform with powerful handrail allows you to enjoy nature outdoors. Thermal suits are available. We we open the large roof for those who want to see whales within. The platform behind also used. The bow can also be used if the weather permits. Return Tromso we enjoy hot soup and share experiences.

#Whale #watching  from our cabincruiser Princess Emi

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#Sightseeing | #Tromsø |#Tirpitz wreck visit | Princess Emi

Today we visit the battleship #Tirpitz wreck during our 3 Islands sightseeing from Tromsø

Our guests from Tsjekkia wanted to visit this old German Battleship wreck from the war period in Norway,

03 April 1944: At 0528 hours, the Tirpitz is attacked by 40 bombers from the carriers Victorious, Furious, Emperor, Searcher, Fencer, and Pursuer. The ship is hit by 10 bombs of 225 kg and 4 of 775 kg. The damage is heavy and casualties amount to 122 dead and 316 wounded. At 0636 there is a second wave with no success. Ammunition expended: 506 x 10.5cm, 400 x 3.7cm, and 8,260 x 2cm projectiles.

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#sightseeing | #Tromsø |#Tirpitz visit | Princees Emi

Northernlight cruise | FjordCruise | Fishing | New Princess Emi

Our new Cabincruiser | Princess Emi in Action

During the first day of Mars 2016 we released our new Cabin Cruiser Princess Emi. Customers from Hong Kong, England, and Shanghai joined us on Northernlight cruise, Fjord Cruise and Fishing trip.

Nice weather, Northernlight and a lot of fish, - made a nice frame for our first cruise from Tromsø.

Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Tromso | Cruising Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Tromso

Northernlight cruise |Princess Emi | Tromso.

Fishing | Princess Emi | Tromso.

Fishing | Princess Emi |Tromso | Cabincruiser

Fjordcruise | Fishing | Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Boat | Tromso

Fjordcruise | Fishing | Princess Emi | Tromso