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No whales today, But a nice Sightseeing and Fishing tour

Even not the best weather and no whales where we sailed, we still got a nice Cruise today.

We visited the beautiful Island Gåsvær where our guests walk arround on a nice beach and  between two small house, and a Church. Yes a Church.

I was making fishsoup with the catch form yesterday.  On our way back to Tromsø we also tried fishing. And, result :) More pic here

Fjord sightseeing | Private Car | Arctic X | Tromsovisitors

Cant be a better Fjordsightseeing with our Luxury Car - Tesla Model X

19 degree, - Sun, Fjord, Mountains, Lake, River, Old fisherman house, - and more. Bring your camera and have big space on your memory stick. Many nice photo objects arround.





















































































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#Private | #Cruising | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticQueen | Guests from Norway

Nice #Yacht cruising with Arctic Queen today.

We visitid the area where the battleship wreck #Tirpitz where bombed, and have a super nice fishsoup lunch at the flybridge. Cannot be on a better "restaurant" in town. Fantastic view to mountains, birds and sea.

Why not choose this alternative rather than walking in the street ;) Welcome onboard. See more pictures here

#Sightseeing | #Tromsovisitors | #Tirpitz | #PrincessEmi | Guest from UK

Another nice day in #Winterwonderland.

Our guests from UK had a nice day onboard Princess Emi this wonderful day. Beautiful and magic Scenery, mountains, fjords, Islands and some fishing as well. We also visited the place where the old German battleship #Tirpitz was bombed during World War II.

See more pictures here