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Best Northern Lights Tour to Try this Winter in Tromso, Norway

Though it was cold standing on an ice-covered ground in the valley of Tromso city, our hearts were warm and filled with great excitement as we chase the Northern Lights. As we tour through the cold dark valley of Tromso, Norway to witness the beautiful Northern Lights, we wondered, will the lights even show up? And yes it did and it was even more beautiful than we expected. The enchanting dance of the lights is something that will always be in our memories and sparks in our minds to delight us.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”-John Keats. So, is the loveliness of the Northern Lights. The beauty of the dancing Aurora will remind one of the amazing experiences and will always make one happy. 

Tromso, Norway is by far the best place to travel to and chase the Northern lights. There are several northern lights tour options that one can try in this beautiful city.

1 Northern Lights Tour to the Fjords by luxury minibus or TeslaX Electric car or Northern Lights sailin with a luxury catamaran Arctic Princess

Fancying about sitting around the cozy bonfire with warm coffee/tea and enjoying the beautiful dance of the Aurora? This type of small-group tour is just perfect to have that kind of experience. Voyagers can take a fun tour across the fjords, through the mountains, and valleys in their chase for the Northern lights in Tromso. In this tour, voyagers have the highest chance of reaching the areas where they can witness the lights at the fullest.

2 Northern Lights Photography Tour

The Photography Tour is best for those who aim to capture stunning pictures of the Northern Lights. Travelers will be taken to a spot where they can take a stunning photograph of the aurora surrounded by beautiful fjords, lakes, and mountains. Travelers will also be assisted and guided by professional photographers through the tour. The professionals will provide necessary information about setting the camera and provide tips & tricks to capture the most stunning photos. 

3 Northern Lights Sledding Tour

Dog sledding is the most enjoyable thing to do in Tromso. The joy of being pulled by huskies through the beautiful mountains and witnessing the dance of the Northern lights is an experience that one can never forget. Apart from Dog sledding one can also try reindeer sledding. This is a great opportunity to meet real & friendly reindeer and a chance to feel the joy of feeding and cuddling them.

4 Northern Lights Snowshoeing Tour

Snowshoeing tour is the best way to fully experience the Arctic wilderness. Snowshoeing hike offers great opportunity to experience the stunning landscape of the fjord and mountains in Tromso and witness the colorful dancing aurora in a dark and remote region. This magical experience will definitely make one feel with awe.

These Northern Lights Tours in Tromso, Norway are all intended to offer the best experience and exciting adventures that one should definitely experience once in their lifetime.

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Northern Lights: The Magic that Lies on the North of Norway

Norway is well-known for its rich natural beauty. The north of the country is occupied by beautiful islands that worth the visit. The islands are filled with everlasting beauty. While winter offers travelers with beautiful snowy wonderlands, summer offers wildflowers, blissful beaches, and dazzling, slow-motion sunsets. But that’s not all of it, one thing that no traveler would ever want to miss on their visit to Northern Norway is the beautiful Northern lights. It is one of the most common reasons that make the place a must-visit place on everyone’s bucket list.

The Northern lights are one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. At night when the sky gets dark, the lights, also called aurora borealis appears in the sky. The colour palette of blue, green, violet, and pink look as if they are dancing across the sky. This phenomenon is really magical and makes anyone falls in love with the view. The best way to feel the magical experience of the dancing lights is not by swiping through its images on Google, Instagram or Facebook, or watching videos about it on YouTube, but being actually there beneath the lights itself and witnessing how beautiful nature can be. There is only joy, love, and peace to feel beneath the auroras.

While there are several places where you can see the aurora borealis, Northern Light Tour in Tromso is definitely the most interesting and comfortable place to witness the lights for two reasons. First, because the place lies just beneath the auroral oval and the second because the north of Norway has a huge geographical area, that is filled with beautiful and exciting places. In Northern Norway, you will truly experience the magical lights all through the polar night.

The place has everything from stunning cities to cozy villages with enchanting mountains and serene lakes. This means, your journey to see the magical lights, is going to get a lot more fun. You can enjoy a little bit of hiking and experience the Sami culture along the way. Or sail on the beautiful sea on a Luxury Yacht Arctic Queen  or on A Luxury Catamaran Arctic Princes, or enjoy the ride on your search for Northern Lights on an Eco-friendly Tesla Model X electric car- a great way to experience the wilderness in the dark from Tromso city.

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