We didn’t know that fishing could get much better. Taking a Fishing tour from Tromsø is an experience that you will never forget.

 Imagine yourself on an arctic cruise sailing through Norwegian seas.  As you stand on the bow and cast your rod out to the frigid waters, all your troubles will be forgotten.

 Those few hours spent on an arctic fishing tour will seem like a lifetime of adventure. Norwegian environmental policies make sure that the Fjords and Norwegian waters are very much alive and teaming with fish.

 Take advantage of your Norwegian guides secret spots that will bring you guaranteed success. The chance to enjoy the beautiful marine life and catch your own fish is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some. Take it to the next level by cleaning up the fish and eating your very own catch.

 Nothing feels better and more refreshing than consuming your fresh Norwegian fish caught with your own hands.

 We are just like you! We love to travel, we love adventure, and we love the open seas. Your Tromsø, Norway fishing tour will remind you of what it is you love about life.

 Being out on the water, in the midst of such a beautiful landscapes will transport you back to an ancient realm.

 When you’re out side of the city on the open water, time will appear to stop. There is nothing better than having the freedom to you be with your thoughts, on the open sea, with a cold beverage and good company.

 While you’re out, you might even get a chance to take a while safari Tromsø. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see Tromsø in a new light!

10 Good Reasons to Stay in Norway in the Spring

Spring time in Norway comes every March - May. This can be one of the best times to visit Norway and its majestic cities. Keep reading to discover why.

Norwegian Spring is when the weather permits you to explore and find adventure. In the spring, the daylight is the longest, so you have more hours of sunlight to discover your passions.

The possibilities are endless.

• Ski Touring: This is the first on the list because it’s everyone’s favorite. Spend all day skiing the slopes of the Lyngen Alps, Senja Island and mountains around Tromsø.

• Fjord Voyage: Set out to sea and enjoy the Fjords. With the sun setting later you will have a grand adventure.

• Fishing Trips: The fish in Norway are definitely biting in the spring. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch, and eat you own Norwegian catch onboard.

• Midnight sun: Experience this magic phenomena only in the Arctic Northern Norway from May 21 to July 21.

• Weekends on the Arctic: Explore more of the arctic over a whole weekend. Stay in an Arctic lodge and really get to know the locals without the threat of a snow storm.

• Cathedral Hopping: Norway is home to many cathedrals. Take the extra daylight to explore as many as you can in one or two days.

• Kon Tiki Museum: This Incredible destination showcases memorabilia from the famous voyage made by Thor Heyerdahl. Now that spring time gives you more daylight. You can spend even more time admiring the scientist and his accomplishments.

• Take a Train Journey: Norway’s 2000 miles of train tracks will take you around the country on a scenic adventure that you will never forget. See Norway in a new perspective that isn’t one dominated by snow and ice.

• Explore a Hurtigruten ferry ride: get to visit some of the lesser known places in Norway by taking a ferry ride. This can be a great way to do something unique.

• Travel safely along the Atlantic Ocean Road: This incredible 5 mile road will take you to fishing villages and ancient churches that you didn’t even know existed.

Fjordcruise | Arctic Princess | Tromsø

Realy nice fjordcruise siling from Tromsø. Sun, fjord, Island and nice mountains as a backstage, - cant be better :)


Happy guest

Nice and fun at Arctic Princess

Tesla X | Northernlights tour

Bot the best weather while started this Saturday evening in October, snowing and som clouds out there,

But we tried and after changing place we finally find Aurora, even it was a level 1 strength this evening.

Fjordsightseeing from Tromsø | Beautiful September Saturday

Arctic Queen was full with new friends from USA, Latvia, Norway, Brazil and Australia.

We cruised slowly south among Islands surrounded by mountains. When arrived to Håkøya the soup was ready, and guests had a nice lunch at the flybridge and in the Saloon. We even saw sea eagles a couple of times. Before heading back to Tromsø tried some fishing, and got 3 Cods within 10 min. Thank you ladys and men for choosing Arctic Cruise In Norway

Tesla Fjordsightseeing | Sept 15 | Guests from Canada

Faaantastic september 15 on this nice #Fjordsigtseeing from Tromsø, with our Ecofriendly Tesla X electric car. We visited Kaldfjord, Ersfjord, Grøtfjord, Tromvika and all the way out the end of the road Rekvika.

Our guests from Canada enjoyed this day.

Arctic Queen | Cruising to Lofoten

Arctic Queen - short break on our dreamtour to beautiful Lofoten.

Photo: Jack Rowe

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