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Arctic Cruise in Norway offer high quality, Luxury and VIP cruises and nature expe- riences in Northern Norway, in and around theVellkommen Tromsø area.

Experience the amazing Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis during winter and the Midnight Sun in the summer. Our luxury whale watching is a «must do activity» during the winter season. Or explore the fjords and islands together with us and catch your own fish for a delicious fish dinner prepared and served onboard.

Our new (2014) floating hotel Arctic Princess, a luxury Lagoon 450 sail/motor catama- ran brings you to spectacular areas in Northern Norway. She is comfortable with four cabins, two panoramic lounges, flybrigde and daybeds, which provide our clients with a good and quiet atmosphere as we cruise among the fjords and mountains.

For those who prefer more speed and comfort we offer Princess Emi, our cabin cruiser alternative. She is designed for day cruises like sightseeing, fjord cruises, whale safari, midnight sun cruises and more.

And as always, we offer full board or custom solutions in accordance with your requirements.

Arctic Cruise In Norway Tripadvisor-Certificate-of-Excellence-2016-700x700Daytrip: 10:00 – 13:00 (Fjord cruise, Sightseeing, Fishing, Bird feeding).

Daytrip: 08:30/09:00 – 14:30 (whale safari in the period November – January).

Daytrip: 22:00 – 01:00 Northern light cruise (winter) and midnight sun cruise (summer).

VIP Best of The Best: Northern light and Whale watching / or Fishing. This amazing over- night trip is for those who want a little extra and special experience in the Arctic North.

Charter tours: Discovery unique scenery and 24 hours daylight in the period May – Sep- tember.

Ski and Sail: Northern Norway is maybe the only place where you can experience sea and alps at the same time and place. We organise weekly tours in the period Mars – May.

Included in all our daytrips: Skipper/Guide, coffee/tea, snacks, chocolate, warm floata- tion suits, life vests, fishing rods, warm soup or self caught fish dinner.


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