The #Dream

Nice article in the newspaper - Tromsø,

The dream

Let's start at the beginning. When Kurt Arild Larsen was young in Hønseby in Finnmark, there were no cars,  they had boats. On the quay went Kurt Arild daydreaming. He should be captain when he grew up. Captain on board a large cruise ship - in a nice uniform. It was not like he had dreamed of for his father died at fishing as Kurt Arild was 15 years.

Many years later:

- I was when sailing in the Mediterranean, and as I sat there and looked in vain, I found out that there must be something.

Tourists, boat and Tromso. With him as captain. It was crystal clear to Kurt Arild that he would invest in comfort and luxury segment. And he decided quite quickly that the boat should be of type catamaran.

The article

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