4 Hours Northern Lights Hunting

A different and unique tour | Arctic Princess | Lagoon 450 catamaran.

China has the Great Wall, France, Eifel tower, Sydney has the Opera House, New York has Statue of Liberty, Rio De Janeiro Christ the Redeemer and North of Norway has the  Northern Light.

Join us at Northern Lights hunt with Arctic Princess and enjoy the view of our panorama lounge. Experience the magical northern lights outside on our daybed or lounge terrace.

Starts 20:00 -  00:00

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Price: NOK 1500,- pp.  Minimum 4 persons - maximum 10 persons. Included:  Coffee/tea and warm homemade fishsoup, warm clothes. Sale of beer and wine on board.

NorthernLight Arctic Princess

Northenligt_By Jan Holthe Northenlights By Jan Holthe

We sail from Tromsø Center, Floating Jetty just minutes from the mainstreet.  While sailing / hunting, you can sit inside in our warm Panorama saloon while relaxing and looking at Tromsø Island from a Sea View. Or, you can choose to sit outside on our " outside saloon" or outside daybed. Do you prefer to relax on our covered flybridge, while hunting, you are welcome.

Arctic Princess is warm an comfortable, and a perfect place to be, while waiting for the magical Northern Lights.

Welcome to be our guests.

What does it feel like to see the Northern Lights?

«It is magical, simply magical. You think you must be dreaming, especially when you catch an outbreak from the start. It just comes from nowhere… and keeps moving and changing shape! It’ s like someone is doing a huge watercolour painting, in real time, across the canvas of the dark black sky. This is nature’s own silent movie show, awe-inspiring, majestic and ethereal that leaves you feeling stunned, reminded once again of the incredible beauty of nature. And somewhat grateful that you’ve had the opportunity to see it».

Zillah Bugeja, Malta,