All You Got To Know About Fishing And Frolicking With The Whales In Tromso, Norway

We are sure you must have heard of African safaris where the tourists are taken in Jeeps to the nearest Savanna forest and shown a pack of big cats and other animals in their natural habitats.

However, safaris can be arranged not only in Africa but even as far away as Norway? Whale safari as a tourist niche is catching up fast in Norway, with several thousands of tourists wanting to spend money to spend some time with the whales.

Tromso is a serene and beautiful Scandinavian fishing town located in Northern Norway. The town is famous for its Arctic Cathedral, Elk rides and the aurora lights seen during the winters, alongside the whale safaris.

What Exactly Does A Whale Safari Looks Like?

To rephrase the question, one can ask what exactly is done on a whale safari in Tromso? To begin with, boats are arranged for tourists for whale-watching. These boats then set sail for the local waters near Tromso. While enjoying the serene and timeless natural beauty of northern Scandinavia, you can witness one of the most magnificent species on Earth swim across the waters in packs and sometimes, displaying a varied range of behaviours. The whales might even interact with you through gestures like splashing their tails or making groaning like sounds. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to see the infamous orca whale also known as killer whale. A whale safari is typically packed with thrill and excitement.

Is The Whale Liveaboard Activity Safe?

Without a speck of doubt, it is. The whale live aboard activity is carried out by experienced professionals such as former sailors and fishermen who are well-acquainted with the local waters like the back of their hand. They know where to find the whales so that you can be sure that your time is not wasted looking at empty waters.

However, the most important point to note here is that the whales are not a belligerent species. Some people might have an impression that the whales may try to capsize the boat, but it's far from true. The animals usually mind their own business and try to go around in the waters in their way.

So That’s It? Is It That The Whale Watching In Tromso All About?

The whale watching in Tromso is a complete package of rich experiences that consist of more than merely watching the whales play and frolic in the local waters. The whale liveaboard tours come along with exciting fishing sessions too. There are several edible species of seawater fish along with coastlines of Tromso. Some of them are Mackerel, Haddock, Cod, Wolffish, European Flounder and Atlantic Halibut and much more.

These fish have their natural taste and are enjoyed as delicacies across Northern Europe. All you have to do is to tie the bait to the fishing hook, throw in the line and wait to get lucky. If you feel some weight down below the line, you have got yourself a catch. The best thing about whale watching in Tromso is that you can lay your hands on so many wonderful edible fishes that it’s nearly impossible that you won’t be catching any.

The day ends with roasting or barbecuing your catch in the boat’s kitchen and enjoying the delicacy. You can also try out the fishes that other members of your group have caught. You can say that you get to enjoy a mix of several types of Norwegian fishes.

Tromso, A Heaven For Nature Lovers.

While you are watching the whales dive up and down the waters and while you are fishing, you are going to get distracted. And it's not easy to get the full control of your site and focus on whale live boarding or catching fish. The natural beauty of the Norwegian Fjords is breathtaking and unforgettable. The snow-capped mountains set against a cloudy sky and the wilderness of the Fjords gives you a spectacular view of the Norwegian natural beauty. 

Take ample photographs of the Norwegian natural wealth to capture your experience to cherish those memories forever. We are sure, that you will love these natural sceneries so much that you might make up your mind to come back here after a few months or years. 

A Little About The Organizer Of The Whale Safaris

Kurt Arild Larsen is the man behind these wonderful whale safaris. Kurt's father was a fisherman and was very active in the sea. However, one day his unfortunate father lost his life while on work. Having been working in the IT sector, now he changed his line and went on to go for starting his own whale safari business.

Since then Kurt has been soaring high with thousands of tourists coming from all over the world. If you feel that the whale safaris are also meant for you, with no further ado, book your trip quickly.

Whale Safaris Get Booked Quite Fast.

With so much to offer, the whale safaris usually get booked very quickly especially orca safari is even more spectacular than humpback whales. People book these trips several months behind they take place. Earlier, international tourists were not very interested in going for whale trips. However, the scene has changed drastically and more and more people have begun visiting whale safaris and this has become quite a trend.

As a result whale safaris are filled out throughout the year. Especially during the winters, more people are already booked since this is the peak season. So if you want to have your own whale live aboard experience in Tromso, book it right now.

So what are the factors that have led to this popularization of whale safaris? Earlier, trips to tropical regions were more popular because of the perception that tropical places are exotic. However, as people have become more mature, the outlook has changed and they have begun exploring tourist destinations in the arctic and temperate regions.

We are sure you must have come to love whale safaris in Norway. Kurt is waiting for you to come to Norway and have a good time with whale safaris. So book your safari right now.


Niti Chauhan