Whale Watching In Tromso: A swim away from Marine Creatures

With utmost certainty, the chances of felling unexcited about whale watching in Tromso is ZERO %. Anyone is definitely going to be thrilled by this experience. Whale watching is something that people around the world are often excited about and look forward to in Norway, especially during winter.

Winter times are most favored and considered as the best time to go for Whale Watching in Tromso, typically the time between late October and the end of January. The highest number of humpback and orcas whales are usually seen during this time of year.

If you are looking for an amazing Arctic adventure that allows you to witness the beauty and greatness of the whales right in front of your eyes, join the Arctic Cruise in Norway (acinorway). You can experience whale safari on a Luxury Yacht, or enjoy Whale watching on a motor catamaran or on a 4 days live aboard at luxury catamaran Arctic Princess. On this whale safari, you will witness the most incredible displays of nature, making your whale watching truly memorable.

Here some entertaining behaviors of the whales that you can expect to witness during whale watching safari in Tromso.  

  • Blowing out of water, mucus & air from their blowholes (nostrils) whenever the whales come out of the water to breathe. This behavior is quite cool and fun to watch.

  • Whale breaching is by far the coolest whale behavior you don’t want to miss. Breaching takes place when a whale speeds up its swim in the water and then springs out of the water in a curved path exposing almost the entire part of its body above the water.

  • At times the whales will also raise their tails up high out of the water and then spank it onto the water hard to produce a loud sound. This is also called “lobtailing” and is a way of communicating, expressing aggression or scaring away the fishes.

  • Another exciting exhibition that you can witness during whale watching is the spy-hopping behavior of the orca and Humpback whales. Usually, the whales will lift up their heads and chest vertically above the surface of the water. They look as though they are chilling and observing the things around. They also tend to gaze back when you are gazing at them.

 Whale watching in Tromso is fun, awe-inspiring, and exciting. If you want to go whale watching for humpbacks, killer whales and other marine creatures and have the best time this season, joining the Artic Cruise in Norway  (acinoray)whale safari is your best choice.

Kurt Arild Larsen