"More than your dreams"

Kurt Arild Larsen

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We offer high quality experiences in Tromsø, Northern Norway.

Experience the magic scenery, fjords, mountains, northern lights, whales, or join us and catch your own self-caught fish dinner.

We promise you experience that lasts a lifetime!

Tromsø, «The capital of the Arctic» is a lively and beautiful city. Tromsø is packed with culture and history and surrounded beautiful by mountains, glaciers, wildlife, fjords and islands. With it ́s spectacular nature its like a paradise in the North.

You will stay on our floating «hotel» a 45 feet Lagoon catamaran sailing yacht. You will stay on the yacht, while travelling in elements such as sailing, fishing, kayaking, aurora borealis, midnight sun, photography and more.

Using our Lagoon 450 catamaran, we will bring you to all the spectacular places in the area. On this spots we rent the services of already established tour operator experts like snowmobile activity’s, dog sledge, ski guides, lappi camps, helicopter lifts and more. You will have a private extraordinary outstanding event of your lifetime.


Arctic Princess

Arctic Queen

Arctic Tesla X







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